The House Of Fortune

  • Area Plot of 55 x 210, with 21500 sq ft built up
  • Status
  • Location

This bungalow sits in a complicated plot of 55 x 210, with 21500 sq ft built up. It is nothing but an outstanding dynamic composition of volumes. A charismatic design has been created using the integrity of modern architecture and the timeless character of classical style and walkways. The grand entrance of the bungalow gives a sense of grandeur right at the beginning of this whole new experience while leading into the lavish interiors including the double height drawing room, stand- alone mandir with 3 water bodies, inbuilt jacuzzi, lounge, library, gym, gazebo and a private bar!
It stands out in the urban residential context due to its stylistic features like, massing, moldings, double height fenestrations and surrounding landscape, and the roof structure further adds a touch of elegance. A breathtaking pool is followed by lush green lawns and a water channel and courtyards. The sophistication reflected here, leaves the viewers stunned, it is all like a dream come true!