Park Side Residence

  • Area 7500 Sq.ft
  • Status Completed
  • Location Bhopal

This house for a family of three generations was one of the few renovation projects that NCDS accepted. We didn’t make much structural changes but we did add the flair of NCDS all through the house.

We custom-designed furniture for the entire house which was inspired by the french theme. The formal drawing room hosts plush, formal sofas. This entire room is furnished with muted colours like beige, brown and gold. The floor tile design is very well synchronized with the ceiling structures. An exquisite chandelier sits atop the room. The curtains are subdued yet ornate and make quite a statement. The most interesting feature of this room is a creative separator in gold.

The living room has comfortable sofas and striking chandelier. The tv unit separates this room from the dining area. The furniture here is very different and the blue separator adds a nice colour to this space. The squared ceiling structure is complemented beautifully with squared tiles looking like a mere reflection. 

The kitchen is done in contemporary french style again. The appliances have been sourced from all over the world in this kitchen with soft and pale colours. It is mostly white and gold with bright tiles on the walls revealed between the cabinets. There is a huge chimney in the kitchen with a copper finish making the otherwise boring space glitzy.

There are total six bedrooms in this huge, warm and stylish house. There is one royal master bedroom and two more master bedrooms. These rooms include a lounge area with seating, a bed area, long walk in closets and luxurious washrooms. The bed and the sleeping side itself is muted. The seating area in one of the rooms is sprinkled with solid, dark green sofas and blue chairs. The cushions are colourful and there is a geometrically arranged centre table.

One another room is quite notable with a colourful flooring bending towards blue. There is a wall panel in grey with yellow borders behind the bed that stretches up to the ceiling. The cabinets are in white and yellow and the central light atop is unique and exclusive.