Tower Bridge Appartment

  • Area 3200 Sq.ft
  • Status Completed
  • Location Indore

This house was designed keeping Vastu in mind, other things being obvious. The apartment needed to be vastu compliant, functional & attractively designed. We tried to study, understand Vastu first and then create the house. With this house we tried to bring a balance between earth, water, fire, air and space. We ensured that at any point the house remains organized and clutter-free leaving ample space for free movement of energy.

The theme needed to be golden. So we balanced it well with whites and greys so it never overpowers our visual senses. We created modern furniture especially for this vastu-compliant house as the client demanded straight-line furniture.

The kids room is absolutely dreamy with soft colours and bunkbeds. The formal drawing room is balanced well with gold, grey and white. The living room has a striking royal blue standing out. But the most beautiful piece is the chandelier over the dining room. It is dainty, delicate yet bright.