Signature Corner Villa

  • Area 14000 Sq.ft
  • Status Completed
  • Location Indore

This is a corner house for a family comprising of three generations. Comfort and trends have been given equal weightage while designing this luxurious and sophisticated haven of peace and comfort. NCDS has blended unique ideas with ultramodern design, furniture, furnishings and lights to create a lasting statement for this four storied house.

The ground floor houses their family run business office. This floor has ample space to accommodate four car parks. The boundary wall has been landscaped for onlookers from both sides.

The formal drawing room has a semblance of Victorian era with plush sofas and tall, comfortable chairs. The blue cushions add extra color and plushness to the room. Creative partition in form of a shimmery glass wall adds an extra charming effect. The ceiling, chandelier, artefacts, center table and wall décor of this room is priceless.

The living room is serene overlooking the dining area. The dining area has a double height ceiling with a long chandelier adding magic to this room. The staircase has a light panel beneath each step and the lift too is given an external panel with lights. This not only adds light to this area but also adds glamour to the entire space.

Convenience and self-indulgence go hand in hand while creating the kitchen for this house. This Italian kitchen is soothing, subtle, inviting, spacious and is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances.

The definition of a luxurious space is that it needs to exuberate comfort. And this is exactly what the seven bedrooms in this house manage to do. The bedrooms have a plush, cushioned bedstead and minimal furniture. The bathroom is equipped with state-of-the-art shower and fittings.

The master bedroom located on the top floor has an attached outdoor seating area that has been done brilliantly, a haven for close friends meet, gives you privacy as well as serenity.