Hill Crest

  • Area 24000 Sq.ft
  • Status Ongoing
  • Location Indore

This was one of the most unusual and unique project that NCDS has worked on so far. If you see from the outside you will see three different houses yet there will be semblance to make you feel that they are some how similar. This, in fact, is true in this case.

We needed to create a house for a joint family of 19 members giving them a sense of togetherness yet providing ‘me-space’ for each individual. Hence, these are three houses that are interconnected with each other.

The gardens are landscaped such that the entire unit appears to be the same. The interiors are done according to the taste of the individuals. The entire furnishings and furniture have been created at the Nightingale Creative Design Studio. This house truly reminds us of having our own space yet being true to our roots.