Fifth Ave Residence

  • Area 5500 Sq.ft
  • Status On Going
  • Location Hyderabad

A couple employed in the technology industry approached us to design their home in Hyderabad. And we gave them a high-end automated villa with all the luxury features possible in the budget they allotted us.

For this smart home we chose simple, sophisticated and classy furniture, furnishings and artefacts. The living room is understated yet stylish in a very unique fashion. In the dining area we took the liberty of creating an interesting interplay between colours and textures. The kitchen is compact and functional. Most of the appliances in the house are smart. The deep blue in the kitchen stands out.

The bedrooms are functional, spacious and chic. The colours are warm and the furniture is custom made to match the taste of each occupant. The highlight of this house is the kids bedroom which is stylish, colourful, having quasi bunk beds giving the room a very quirky look. The apartment looks uber stylish yet minimalistic.