Albert Square

  • Area 12000 Sq.ft
  • Status Ongoing
  • Location Indore

A perfect square for a perfectly blended family of ten individuals united with love and harmony. The house needed to portray this feeling and it depicts it perfectly through the vibes of the house.

The Shahs wanted a rich look that was not overtly announcing the fact. So, we opted for a blend of wooden and Italian marble with intermittent greens in the front elevation. This gives a classy, rich feel to the outside world.

From the inside, we retained the rich look for this modern family. The kitchen is understated and completely contemporary with modular fittings. It has a blend of grey, white and brown to ensure the food and its colours stands out the most. The kitchen is made in the open style, overseeing the dining and living room. It also brings the family together at meal times.

Your home ultimately becomes your second skin; hence it needs to resonate with you the most. With this in mind each of the seven bedrooms are treated differently. The master bedrooms have a rich, sophisticated look about themselves. This is visually seen in the artefacts, wall treatment, ceiling and flooring. The walk-in closets allowed us to keep the bedrooms less messy and more personal.

The bedrooms for the children are not just vibrant but they also have a beautiful interplay of colours. This is not just limited to the bedrooms but is stretched up to the bathrooms and also reflected in their wardrobes. The artefacts, walls, ceilings, floorings and cupboards all have been designed keeping their high energy in mind.

The entire designing, conceptualization and creation of furniture, furnishings and all interior work has been carried out by Nightingale Creative Design Studio.